Yoga Classes in Greenport, NY

June 29, 2023

Treat yourself to some North Fork-style wellness on a getaway to charming Greenport Village here at The Menhaden! Just staying at our impeccable 16-room boutique hotel is rejuvenating, but we give you even more ways to nourish mind, spirit, and body alike with on-site yoga.

Weekend Rooftop Yoga at The Menhaden

We’re thrilled to announce that Rooftop Yoga is back at our boutique hotel on Saturdays and Sundays. These hourlong morning sessions come courtesy of an outstanding local studio: North Fork Yoga Shala, whose founder, Claire Copersino, actually opened the very first yoga studio on the North Fork back in 2000.

Boasting an impressive roster of skilled instructors, North Fork Yoga Shala provides The Menhaden with our very own first-class yoga classes. And you simply can’t beat the location: Our hotel rooftop—the only one of its kind in Greenport Village—offers dazzling views out over the photogenic harbor and out to Shelter Island. Needless to say, these panoramic vistas make a swoon-worthy backdrop for some quality time on the yoga mat! Throw in the sweet-smelling sea breeze and that morning summertime sunshine, and you’ve got an hour’s worth of sheer fresh-air bliss with a bird’s-eye perch.

These Rooftop Yoga classes wind down with a refreshing glass of freshly squeezed juice for the perfect closing note. You’ll feel incredibly invigorated and recharged for a full weekend’s day of summer fun on the North Fork.

Private Yoga Sessions

Our Rooftop Yoga classes on Saturdays and Sundays aren’t all: You can also arrange for private yoga sessions, available upon request and with a minimum of two participants. Give us a ring at 631-333-2777 if you’re interested in setting this up!

A Wellness Escape to the North Fork of Long Island at Our Boutique Hotel

Our Rooftop Yoga and private yoga sessions give our guests the opportunity to slow down, cultivate balance, and otherwise indulge in some much-needed “me-time” on a getaway to the North Fork. The rest of the hospitality experience here at The Menhaden also helps support wellness and relaxation, from the soothing evening flicker of our rooftop firepits (with bar service on hand to complete the picture) to our pop-up dining opportunities and the sheer elegance and comfort of our boutique guest rooms.

Join us this summer in Greenport Village, and take advantage of on-site yoga classes from North Fork Yoga Shala while you do!