Where to go Strawberry Picking on Long Island

May 28, 2024

As the vibrant hues of spring unfold across Long Island, the anticipation for strawberry picking season reaches its peak. From late May through early July, the fields beckon for a delightful escape, particularly for those staying at The Menhaden. Located in the charming village of Greenport, The Menhaden offers a luxurious base from which to explore the island’s premier strawberry picking spots, while soaking in the serene beauty and quaint lifestyle of the North Fork.

Premier Strawberry Picking Destinations

Condzella’s Farm, Wading River

Begin your berry-picking journey at Condzella’s Farm, where tradition and sustainability converge. This third-generation farm offers nine varieties of strawberries, making it a perfect spot for those who value eco-friendly practices. Their commitment to local, synthetic-free farming ensures that the strawberries you pick are not only delicious but also responsibly cultivated.

Lewin Farms, Calverton

Continue your adventure at Lewin Farms, a family-run establishment and the pioneer of strawberry picking on Long Island. Explore over 20 varieties of fruits and vegetables. The farm’s dedication to quality makes it a must-visit, providing a true taste of agricultural heritage.

Glover Farms, Brookhaven

For a hands-on experience, Glover Farms offers an engaging outing for families. Beyond picking strawberries, visitors can interact with farm animals and explore agricultural machinery, offering a deeper connection to the farming lifestyle.

Patty’s Berries and Bunches, Mattituck

Just a short drive from The Menhaden, Patty’s Berries and Bunches is a haven for berry lovers. With a variety of berries available throughout the season and a delightful on-site ice cream shop, this farm is a favorite for both locals and visitors.

Wickham’s Fruit Farm, Cutchogue

Visit Wickham’s Fruit Farm for organically grown strawberries without any sprays. Their renowned farm stand offers freshly made apple cider doughnuts and homemade pies, adding a sweet finish to your berry picking day.

The Menhaden: Your Gateway to the North Fork

Returning to The Menhaden after a day in the sun, guests are enveloped in comfort and elegance. Our boutique hotel is more than just a place to stay—it’s an integral part of your Long Island experience. Relax in our stylish, nautically inspired rooms, unwind on the rooftop deck with sweeping views of Greenport Harbor, and indulge in local wines at our exclusive bar.

The Menhaden is perfectly positioned to explore the North Fork’s rich offerings. Known for its vineyards, charming farm stands, and beautiful beaches, the North Fork provides a picturesque backdrop for your getaway. Our hotel’s proximity to these attractions allows you to seamlessly blend relaxation with exploration.

Luxurious Amenities at The Menhaden

Personalized Service: Our dedicated staff ensures your stay is tailored to your preferences, providing an intimate and attentive hospitality experience.

Local Culinary Delights: Enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that celebrate the local produce and seafood of the North Fork, enhancing your gastronomic journey.

Proximity to Activities: From vineyard tours to sailing excursions, The Menhaden’s location offers convenient access to a variety of leisure activities.

Whether you’re venturing into the strawberry fields, exploring the local culture, or simply soaking in the tranquility of our hotel, The Menhaden promises a sophisticated and rejuvenating retreat. Embrace the essence of the North Fork and create unforgettable memories this strawberry season. Book your stay with us today and discover the luxury of The Menhaden in the heart of Long Island’s idyllic landscape. Visit The Menhaden to plan your exquisite escape.