Things To Do In Greenport

June 14, 2023

Relishing boutique accommodations at The Menhaden, you get to call one of New York’s most history-drenching coastal villages your home away from home: Greenport, one of the delightful hubs of the North Fork of Long Island.

There’s much to see and do in Greenport, the eastern terminus of the Long Island Rail Road and tucked along a cozy harbor across from Shelter Island. From beach-hopping to historical sightseeing, from arts-and-culture to waterfront dining, our hotel on Front Street makes a wonderful base of exploration in this photogenic town.

Historic Greenport

Greenport was incorporated back in 1838, with historical roots going even further back in time; fishing—and, back in the day, whaling—were instrumental in the town’s development. Portals into the past are easy to come by with a Menhaden jumping-off point.

Consider a walking tour of the Greenport Village Historic District and vicinity, admiring such vintage landmarks as the Bank of New York Building, Jail House, Kramer Building, and Walter Havens Cottage.

The East End Seaport Museum includes some fascinating exhibits on the region’s maritime heritage, including a wonderful collection of Fresnel lenses (including one that serviced the 1869-built Plum Island Light); the museum’s Village Blacksmith Shop, a replica of an 1870s-era structure, features real live blacksmithing at work on the weekends.

Train buffs will surely enjoy a swing through the Railroad Museum of Long Island, which includes various exhibits as well as a vintage caboose and boxcar. (You can see some fabulous old locomotives and freight cars, meanwhile, at the museum’s Riverhead branch.)

Outdoor Activities

More than a few beachfronts await within easy reach of your Greenport perch here at The Menhaden. A local gem is 67 Steps Beach, set along the nearby shoreline of Long Island Sound. This is an absolute homerun spot for sunsets. (Among our Menhaden Bespoke Experiences, you can enjoy a picnic at 67 Steps Beach, accentuated by wine, cheese, and other refreshments.)

Some fine nature preserves and greenspaces lie close by, too, not least Inlet Pond County Park with its woods, shrubland, butterfly garden, and excellent birdwatching.

You’re spoiled for choices, meanwhile, when it comes to sightseeing and pleasure boat charters, with the sparkling expanses of the harbor and the Sound awaiting.

Arts, Culture, and Dining

Then there’s Greenport’s stacked lineup of art galleries, not to mention a wide assortment of restaurants, bars, and cafes—including some great harborfront establishments.

Experience the Best of Greenport Village on a Menhaden Getaway

The attractions of Greenport proper and its immediate surrounds are only the tip of the iceberg, of course: The village provides a nice launchpad for out-and-about daytripping around the North Fork, amid vineyards, farmland, pine-barrens preserves, beachfronts, and nearby towns.

So join us for the finest in North Fork boutique hospitality here at The Menhaden, and get to know the wonderful historic fishing village we call home while you do!